Let the gift making commence

November 2, 2008 at 7:10 pm | Posted in holidays | Leave a comment

Somewhere back in the beginning of the year I made a list of all of the gifts I wanted to knit for Christmas this year. Here we are, November 2nd, and I have exactly none completed. (actually none started either) As a matter of fact..to add insult to injury..I started a new WIP this week, a February Lady Sweater, and it’s for myself! Today I’ve gone back over the list, made a few revisions, and have a plan of attack. Although, the list now includes a little knitting, sewing, and baking.

If you are at all interested in sewing and crafting Christmas gifts, please let me direct you to Sew, Mama, Sew. They have just started their annual series of posts called “Handmade for the Holidays”, which includes daily tutorials and gift ideas. I’m super excited about the camera cozy tutorial that was posted today.

All of this talk about the holidays has me really pumped up about Christmas. It’s my most favorite holiday of the year because over the last many years my family has developed some really fun traditions. They begin just after Thanksgiving and start with the annual craziness of black friday shopping. That same weekend my cousin and I will be making our annual Christmas cookies. Last year we made something like 30 dozen cookies to give away to coworkers and family, and I expect this year to be no different. I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone by and that the holidays are just around the corner. I’m even hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and I can’t wait!


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