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October 7, 2008 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Welcome to the new home of “Ingrid Knits”…only as you can see, this home has a new name. I decided that if I was going to change up the format a bit, then the blog deserved a new address and a new name too. I toyed around with a few other blog sites but in the end decided to stick with WordPress. I’ve been pretty happy here and aside from a few mildly annoying glitches, I like the setup. Most importantly, I already know how to use it. It was a cinch to transfer over the old files so here we are. I hope you’ll update your feeds and/or bookmark the site and come back again soon.

The last few weeks have been flying by, but I did get to squeeze in a few fun activities. Two weekends ago I went to Jacksonville’s Quiltfest for the first time and was absolutely A-mazed at the quilts on display. This being my first quilt show, it never occured to me that I’d want to take pictures, and boy am I regretting not taking my camera. I did take a few grainy shots for future quilt inspiration but nothing I can retrieve from my phone for the blog. I loved seeing the winners of all of the different categories and it really was just like going to an art gallery. I’ve been tinkering around with different books from the library on quilting but nothing has really struck my fancy as the quintessential beginner’s book on quilting. Please, if anyone has some suggestions send them my way. While I was at the show I did treat myself a bit and picked up a set of fat quarters.

I’m not exactly sure what pattern these will become, but most likely I’ll try another patchwork quilt. I’m still very unsure about how to choose a pattern and how to best utilize the type of fabrics I’m choosing. I think I’ll try to stick with something super easy that will mostly help to improve my sewing and measuring accuracy.

The same weekend I went to the quilt show, Smitten Kitchen posted a recipe on her website for Challah bread. I can’t recall ever having eaten Challah bread and it looked so delicious. So that night I got bitten by the baking bug and was up until 2am making this from scratch!

It was SO yummy…and this is what it looked like after french toast the next morning…

It really does make the best french toast!

I’ll have some actual real live knitting content in the next post. Christmas is coming, the weather is finally cooling down, time for some knitting needle action.



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  1. Pretty fat quarters! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  2. Thanks for the plug! You didn’t lose your knitting mojo, your creative energy just wanted to stretch and grow in some new directions. With me, it goes in phases. Right now, I’m knitting more than quilting, but I never know when the mood will change. I am itching to try weaving thanks to Linda over at Fabric Follies 2!

  3. love the new site!! and your banner is beautiful!!! you need to be very proud of yourself!!!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments!

    Kyle – I really can’t take credit for the banner, but gled you like the site!

    Joanne – After reading Lolly’s blog I would love to try weaving too!

    Vicky – I’m still trying to decide what to make. They’re too pretty to cut into!

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