Lost my mojo

August 17, 2008 at 10:54 am | Posted in knitting | Leave a comment

I feel as though I’ve been floundering in the land of lost knitting mojo this summer, but I think I’m finally getting it back! I’ve been thinking a lot about knitting, and thinking a lot about what I would like to knit. I’ve made regular pilgimages to Ravely and I’ve been looking wistfully at my WIP pile and glancing at the christmas knitting list, but I just could not seem to get up the motivation to pick up my knitting needles. Well thank goodness, we have another pregnant co-worker to give me the kick in the pants I needed.
The mom to be is having a girl, which is exactly what I was hoping for because I’ve been itching to start the Helena sweater from Knitty.
I’ve also been tinkering with my new sewing machine and so far have made a cover for the machine as well as a very scary looking sock monkey. I’d really like to try my hand at making a cute baby quilt so Johanna may have hit the jackpot by being pregnant just as I’m finishing my summer classes, trying to get my knitting mojo back, and learning to sew.


Call me Elinor

August 1, 2008 at 6:17 pm | Posted in knitting | Leave a comment

Loving Jane Austen’s novels as much as I do, I couldn’t resist this little quiz I came across while reading Purls Just Wanna Have Fun

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

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