Summer Lovin’

June 16, 2008 at 7:01 pm | Posted in knitting | 2 Comments

The last month or so has been quite busy and there has been a little knitting in the mix, although not as much as I would like. I’ve also been playing around with a little sewing which has been really fun to experiment with. Every time my cousin and I get together, our husbands go fishing while we get crafting. A few weeks ago we had a lovely visit where we crafted these:

The pattern was courtesy of Oh Fransson Projects and was so much fun to make. I have basically no experience with sewing but my cousin was able to direct me through the project.

Karen and I have done a few sewing projects together on previous visits but this is my favorite by far, and it’s been great to carry my lunch in. While Karen and I were busy working on our lunchbags, our husbands were busy catching this:

Chris was so proud, I don’t think he stopped smiling that whole night. Since our weekend with my cousin, Chris has been hunting good local fishing spots and I’ve been hunting a good beginner sewing machine.

On the knitting side of things… I wish I had more to blog about but I do have another FO to report, and it might look familiar.

Yep, that would be Baby Surprise Jacket number 2. I really do love this pattern. The is a picture of the sweater pre-blocking, which is on my agenda for this evening. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in the color Spring Tickle. The yarn was wonderful to knit and I loved the little bit of elasticity it has to it. I used a bit more than one and a half skeins and still have enough left over to make a pair of booties. I loved the color but when completed, it just didn’t look girly enough to me. However, I think these buttons did the trick…

I have lots of plans for next projects, not to mention a few still on the needles. I’m also starting to think again about my Christmas knitting plans. I started out this spring with good intentions but unfortunately that’s about where my Christmas knitting still the land of good intention.

Summer keeps rolling right along and I’m just rolling right along with it. Chris and I are starting to plan our anniversary weekend and that’s exciting, I can’t wait to get away for a few days. I’m three weeks into my summer classes and we are also trying to get some house projects completed this summer. So far we’ve put a ceiling fan in the living room and installed a garage door opener. Next on the list is to finish painting the kitchen and perhaps finally buying a dining room table. We just found out that Chris’ family will be coming for Thanksgiving this year. I’m excited about hosting but we have no furniture in our dining room! On a smaller scale, I’m trying to do some housecleaning with the blog. I’m not very happy with my homemade header and I’m still tweaking the basic theme a bit. My sister is going to help me with some header photography but hopefully soon my blog will be looking much better. Please bear with me in the’s under a bit of construction.


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