WIP’s in my Easter Basket

March 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Posted in knitting | 3 Comments

First off I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration. As with most all holidays, this one was spent with my family at my parents’ house. We had a lovely dinner and lots of laughs.

Next, can I just say, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. I even missed my own blogiversary while I was away so yay..happy blogiversary to me. I must admit though, my knitting has been so minimal I scarcely had anything to blog about. It’s not because I don’t want to be knitting..I pine over it on a daily basis. It just that as I make my way through this first semester, knitting seems like a guilty pleasure that I avoid lest I ignore my studies. The summer semester should be much easier because I’m going to take only one class and it’s then that I hope to make more knitting progress. I am definitely not lacking in future projects..that list keeps on growing and growing. Today was a really sunny day and I had a few minutes before dinner, so I did take some pictures of my currently stalled WIP’s.

First let me tell you about the baby sweater I’m making. It will be my first completed garment and I started out really pleased with it. The yarn is Bernat Softee and has been nice to work with, and the pattern is the aptly named Easy Baby Cardigan

Not only is this my first baby sweater, it’s my first sweater at all, so I’ve never done top down construction before. It’s really easy but the one thing I’m disappointed with is the addition of the sleeve. As soon as I switched to the DPN’s to add on my first sleeve, the gauge changed and try as I might, I can’t seem to get it to match..nor can I stop staring it. The DPN’s are the same size as the circular I used but I am knitting much tighter with the DPN’s. I probably should tear the sleeve back and go up a size on the DPN’s, but sadly I don’t have a set of size 9’s. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet but I need to decide soon because this baby mama is due in just a few weeks. Here’s another close up of the problem..

I also mention in a past post that I’ve completed the first of a pair of Fetching. Well, they are still half a pair but I know when I finally do decide to complete the second one I’ll be able to knock it out in an evening. The yarn is that Artyarn Superwash in colorway 108 that used to be a Clapotis many moons ago. I never had the right amount and ended up with 2 different dyelots so this yarn has now been parsed out to different smaller projects. This is actually the second pair of Fetching in the same exact yarn. My niece Chyna got the first pair. The second pair goes to my niece, Sommer, who loved Chyna’s pair.

The next WIP I need to get back to is the Celtic Tote. It’s soooo close to being done! All I need to finish is the shade stitching around the cables and that neverending, lifesucking, tube of a bottom. The tote front and back seemed to knit up so fast. What will be the bottom is one of those knits where you feel like you’ve knit 2 hours to get through 2 inches. However at the moment it’s also in “stall” mode because I had to use the size 8 DPNs on the baby sweater. The ones here in the picture are just stitch holders for the time being. P.S. That’s Patons Classic Wool I’m using.

The next WIP on the project list is another Danica Scarf. I knit this same pattern for my Ravely Scarf Exchange buddy, Kyle, and I really liked the pattern. I thought it would work well with the Plymouth Boku yarn I got in Tacoma in January.
The yarn is a little on the scratchy side but it is turning out really pretty. I don’t get to wear scarves much in Florida but I’m hoping to make a bunch for when we travel to Washington to see Chris’ family. I love them and this year will be buying a black coat to go with all of my colorful scarves.

So you see..everything on the needles can be finished relatively quickly. Hopefully very soon I’ll be able to call them FO’s!

The last picture I have is of some new yarn I got in the mail recently. I first wanted to say thank you thank you to Dee! She was my very sweet upstream pal in the Harvest Sock Swap of last fall. She suffered a nasty cut on her hand which kept her from sending me the sock for the swap. Instead, much to my surprise, she sent me a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts for yarn of my choice. I was ecstatic because I’d been dying to try out some of that famous Socks that Rock yarn but it is a bit out of my budget. Thanks to Dee this came in the mail a couple weeks ago…
It’s so soft and squishy and bright and springy and green! I love love love it and can’t wait to knit with it. I’m eyeballing the Embossed Leaves pattern from Favorite Socks but I am still browsing patterns on Ravelry. It always takes me awhile to match yarn to project and I haven’t completely settled on anything yet. But oh..what a lovely luxury this yarn is.


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  1. All of your projects are beautiful. And that yellow-green yarn looks so soft and cozy, I wish I could touch it.

  2. Interesting texture in your stockinette stitch; your stitches look twisted. I noticed the same thing with your Forest Canopy Shawl. Do you knit through the back loop, or wrap your yarn clockwise?

  3. No I don’t knit through the back loop but I think I do wrap my yarn clockwise. Since I’m self-taught it’s the only way I’ve ever knitted. I never realized it made a difference that was noticable. I showed it to my LYS owner once but she just said we all have our own way of knitting and it’s ok if it comes out the same.
    Do you think my knitting this way poses a problem? Should I retrain myself?
    I’m so anxious to get back to knitting and blogging. My classes end this week and I’m currently studying like crazy for a Statistics test I have to complete today.

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