Not Sheepless in Seattle

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Before I talk about our trip to Washington, I wanted to post of picture of the lovely package Clare sent me from Australia as part of the Christmas Around the World Knitters Swap.


The box had a great Australian knitting magazine called Yarn, as well as some Tim Tam cookies (which are already gone, they were so good!) and some chocolate coins which were found inside the cute little felted bag she knitted. She also included a “hotty with a heart” hot water bottle that would have been very helpful had I thought to take it to Washington. There was also a pretty little ornament which will look great on the tree next year. My favorite was of course the yarn made from the roving of her father’s sheep, and handspun by Clare herself. I’m not sure yet where the yarn is going but I know I want it to be something special. Thanks again Clare, you did a wonderful job.

That just about takes care of the Christmas swaps, though I’m still waiting on my sock from the Harvest Sock Swap. I have faith though and hope it will arrive soon.

Chris and I arrived home from Seattle last night and we brought with us some great memories, new yarn and the flu. Flu aside we both had a really great time and spent the entire trip with family. The most fun day for me was the day Chris and I went to Pike’s Place and Alki Beach with Chris’ older brother, his younger sister and niece. The five of us had a great time even though it was 20 degrees outside, but it made me want to knit nothing but scarves until our next visit out there. I even got to wear my lovely bamboo scarf that Kim sent me in the Ravelry Scarf Exchange.

Of course another favorite activity was yarn shopping! I spent my entire yarn budget in one store, which was OK since it was right in Tacoma and only 15 minutes from my brother-in-law Yute’s house. Yute’s girlfriend Vicky drove me and I know she had a great time watching me “ooh” and “ahh” over all the yarn. She’s a crocheter so I know she understood my elation. The shop was The Lamb’s Ear and the owner was so nice in helping me choose yarns for the list of projects I had made. Oh and I have pictures of my loot!


The Boku yarn was hard to resist because the colors were so pretty, and it’s a bit more affordable than the Noro so I thought this might not be a bad substitute. I have plans for an Entrelac scarf with this yarn and I know it will come in handy on our next winter Seattle visit.


My splurge yarn was this Dream in Color hand-dyed yarn in worsted weight. I was thinking it would make a lovely Clapotis though I believe I’m one skein short for that. It may also turn into a baby surprise jacket though since I have 2 good friends in various stages of pregnancy at the moment. I just can’t get enough of that yummy goldy-green.

Speaking of green..I’ve developed a thing for it lately which is why I got a whole sweater’s worth of green yarn for my first attempt at a sweater.

I chose the Berroco because it will be a bit cooler for a sweater here in Florida, plus, what a great green!


I also picked up this laceweight Merino by Skacel because I think it will make a very pretty Kiri. Of course that after I somehow finish the Spring Shawl Surprise shawl and the SotS2 shawl.

Oh! One more purchase I forgot to tell you about!


It was another splurge but something I wanted for a long time. I can’t wait to go through this book page by page.

A quick FO to show you…

This was the flower washcloth pattern that Kim sent me along with the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn that I knitted it with. It’s so soft and squishy!
While I was in Washington I also made a pair of Fetching out of recycled Artyarns Supermerino. You might remember that purple variegated supermerino from my forever hybernating WIP Clapotis. They came out really nice and were so fast I churned them out in about 2 days. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures because I immediately gifted them to my 13 year old niece, but she was so cute and wore them ALL day on the day I gave them to her. I’ve since started another pair in the same yarn for my sister-in-law but by the time I was about 6 rows into the second pair, the flu had taken it’s hold and I couldn’t focus on much of anything for any period of time. I’ll take some pictures as soon as they’re done. I was sad to rip out the Clapotis but at the same time I didn’t care for the way the yarn was pooling, and I already had 2 different dye lots going.
I’ve also made it about halfway through the front piece of the Celtic Tote, which also looks pretty good so far. Today I found a tutorial by Grumperina on how to do cables without a cable needle so I’m hoping that helps speed things up a bit.

I think I’m all caught up now on the last couple of weeks worth of knitting news. Now I’m going to prop my feet up, pop another Ricola, and get rid of this dang flu bug because it’s a nasty one. I’m off work one more day so hopefully I’ll get a little more knitting done tomorrow.


Off and Running

January 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm | Posted in knitting | 1 Comment

I don’t know why but for some reason it seemed to me like the start of a new year would involve a little rest time getting over the holidays. You know, a little R&R to get you feeling refreshed as the new year gets into gear. Well I’m still waiting for my down time. Aside from both holidays being mid-work week this year (which I say is against the laws of nature), it’s just been business as usual in regards to work and home. The good news is that at the end of this week my husband and I will be off to Washington to visit his family. I’m really looking forward to the time away from work as well as the time I can devote to knitting. Not to mention I’m cashing in my “Yarn shopping in Seattle” Christmas gift card from my dear husband. I still haven’t narrowed down what shops I’m going to try to hit but I’m sure I’ll have some addresses in my hand before I get on the plane on Friday.

Speaking of knitting, I already have an FO for the year, though it hardly seems like it should count because it was such a fast knit. I completed the flower washcloth made from the lovely aqua, cotton chenile skein my friend Kim sent me from Canada. It’s so soft and squishy and I can’t help but think what a great gift it would make paired with some soap. (must not think about Christmas knitting in January…) I’m currently working on the Celtic Tote from the winter issue of IK. Oh, speaking of IK..I got a subscription this year along with the book The Sweater Workshop for Christmas. The book should be great help when I get around to knitting my first sweater this year.

The next post should include some pictures not only of the washcloth, but hopefully of my new yarn booty from Seattle, a completed or nearly completed tote bag and also the package I got in the mail today from my Christmas Around the World swapper.

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