Thanksgiving en México

November 27, 2007 at 10:06 pm | Posted in family, knitting | 4 Comments

I know I’ve been away from the blog for a bit but I have a good excuse! We spent last week on this:


The cruise originally started out as a way for my sister and her husband to celebrate their 10th anniversary but turned out to be a wonderful family vacation that included my sister’s family, my parents and Chris and myself. We had such a great time and I think the last time we took a family vacation it was to Nantucket when I was about 10 years old. Did you notice the flag of Mexico? That’s where we spent Thanksgiving Day. My dad, husband and I went to Playa Del Carmen by ferry and then to the amazing Mayan ruins of Tulum.


This was the castle of Tulum and it was breathtaking to come up over a hill and through an entrance cut into the surrounding stone wall to see the ruins, surrounded by palm trees, overlooking the clear blue water of the Caribbean.


The previous day was spent in Grand Cayman which was nice but tough on the wallet. We did get a fair amount of Christmas shopping out of the way while we were on the cruise and I even found time to knit.

On the subject of knitting…I have one FO to report and that is the scarf for the Ravelry scarf exchange. I have a picture ready but I can’t post it quite yet because I only mailed it yesterday and I want it’s recipient to be the first to see it.

I am very close to an FO picture of the Harvest Sock Swap sock and I have to say, I wish I was keeping this pair for myself. I’m extremely pleased with how well they are turning out and I love the yarn I’m using. Again, more details have to be kept under wraps until it’s mailed which should be by the end of the week. I have all the goodies already in the box and ready to go.

Thanks so much for all of the compliments on the Forest Canopy Shawl and a special shout out to Anne for the link in her Sunday bloglines. Please go check out her blog and say hello. Another special shout out and congratulations to my new blogger friend, Ann who has just announced that she’s expecting her first baby. Please stop by and say hello to the new mommy-to-be.

I know this post has been a little light on knitting content but I’ll make up with it in the next post with some FO pics. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of Chris and I trying desperately to get a great pic for our Christmas card this year….

“Mama, why do you do this to me?”


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  1. Look at that beautiful blue sky and inviting sea. Bit different from the grey skies we have here in England at the moment! Tulum looks cool!

  2. Oh how I would have loved to be in Mexico for the holiday. Sigh. I’ve been to the Cozumel area a few times.. my first was spent underwater SCUBA diving for the first time in salt water in 1991.. my second time was with my DH about five years ago.

    Thank you for the congrats! I appreciate it…. hopefully we’ll chat soon? Been feeling icky lately… the good part is I’m told sickness is a good sign the pregnancy is going well. I also have a darn cold. Tis the season! LOL!

    I’m working on a scarf for an exchange and then I need to get crackin’ with any holiday gifts I end up making. So much to do, so little time. What I really wanna do is make baby stuff.

  3. LOL What a cute photo of your dog – Last year I took Maddie to see Santa and put an elf collar on her with little hanging things. She wasn’t overly amused haha. And quite jealous of the trip to Mexico – what a lovely vacation!

  4. What fun! I’m so glad that you had a great time on your cruise and could get some shopping done! I love the picture of the both of you with clear blue skies behind you. What a wonderful way to spend a real holiday (and you are so lucky — no dishes!)

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