Almost an FO!

November 4, 2007 at 12:41 pm | Posted in finished objects, knitting, knitting instruction, lace | 9 Comments

It’s been so long since I’ve had a true FO that I’m posting about this one a tad early. My Forest Canopy shawl is off the needles and now blocking. This is my first real attempt at any kind of lace, or any serious blocking.


Being the novice blocker that I am, I have only the crudest of tools..straight pins. The shawl is currently stretched out across the guest room bed but I don’t think it looks too shabby. One error that’s noticable right now while it’s blocking is that on the right bottom points of the shawl, I didn’t bind off properly which left one section less strechy than the other side. I was watching TV and talking to Chris at the time and I noticed I suddenly was using a regular bind off..oops. I went back to the 2-step bind off the pattern calls for and you can definitely see what a difference it made on the left side.
The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Stile in the colorway 8002 and I loved it so so much. It made me so happy as I was knitting it. I tried in vain to find another ball of it so I could make the shawl bigger but noone seems to carry this particular yarn, the USA anyway. I think it’s my favorite yarn so far since I’ve been knitting.

Here’s a closeup shot just for fun. I’ve been trying to read a little about how to take better pictures of my projects and while I don’t quite have the hang of it yet, I did get one closeup that was actually in focus. Yay me!


I really need to learn more about lighting I think.

Another project Chris helped me with last night was making my own sock blockers. The ones you find online and in the LYS are kind of expensive so I used this tutorial here. At Target, for a whopping $4.99, I found a package of 4 of these:


They are portable cutting boards by Chefmate. Then I took the template from the tutorial, cut it out and used it as a guide to free hand a larger template onto a cereal box. I cut the cardboard template out and tested it on some socks and it was a pretty good fit. So then I traced around it onto the cutting boards, cut out my new sockblockers and Voila!!


So now I have a pair of blockers and the fixins to make a second pair, all for less than 5 bucks.

Next up on the FO list are the scarf and Harvest swap socks.


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  1. it looks great & I am going to try & make blockers like that too!

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty! I think that yarn looks really great in that pattern. Good job!

  3. It’s lovely! I love the colors of the yarn.

    The sock blockers are great!

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  5. Thanks!

    I think those blockers took me all of about 20 minutes to make.

  6. Thats pretty crafty with the blockers! I got your email and eas away…. I’ll reply today pinky swear!

    I love your shawl! Its gorgeous!

  7. I love your Forest Canopy! The colors are gorgeous. Thats too bad you werent able to get any more to make it larger, but its beautiful the just way it is.

  8. Wow.. that is stunning. I think you’re being quite hard on yourself. Even with the small difference on the right side, I think it looks just beautiful, and for a ‘first’, you should be darn proud of yourself!! And very ingenious on the sock blockers – I love the idea!

  9. Thanks for the tip on the sock blockers. I use those cutting board mats, and never thought of that!

    You have a great blog!

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