An “Ah-Ha!” Moment

August 22, 2007 at 9:00 pm | Posted in fair isle knitting, knitting | 3 Comments

Since I’m in a holding pattern on Clapotis, and washcloths only keep me interested in short spurts, I’ve been itching to get something going on the needles. I’ve been wanting to get back to the Endpaper Mitts I started many months ago, but to be honest, I was having a lot of trouble with my stranded knitting technique. The mitts looked ok, tension wasn’t bad, but I was a doing a really poor job of knitting them. I tried to hold one color of yarn in each hand and follow the instructions in my books, but I just wasn’t getting it. I’d taught myself continental knitting from the start so “throwing” was completely foreign to me. Next I tried both colors in my left hand wrapped on two different fingers, but again, I had a hard time keeping enough tension in the back yarn and it didn’t work well. In the end, I was holding both colors wrapped around the same finger in my left hand, and just knitting through the color I needed for each stitch. What resulted was a neverending, massively annoying and messy, twist in the 2 balls of yarn. So, the Endpaper Mitts were relegated to the “maybe later” pile.
This week I came across this nifty video at The Philosopher’s Wool which teaches the two-handed fair isle technique. Hurray! It was exactly what I needed to get me knitting much more competently and also got me back to wanting to work with more than one color. So, in an effort to sharpen my new skills, I pulled some old acrylic yarn from my stash and made the Center Square hat from Knitty.

It came out like this:


The hat is really big, and the top was a little tight and misshapen because I had to switch to 3-sizes-too-small DPN’s, but it was still fun to make. I feel much more confident in my stranded knitting now. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle anything very complicated, but I’m definitely ready to take on the Endpaper Mitts again.

One more picture just because my model’s so cute.


In other knitting news, I am patiently waiting for a Knit Picks order to arrive. I took advantage of the 40% off summer book sale and have 2 books, some new DPN’s and some yarn on the way that I’m sure will end up in a picture or two.


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  1. Waving at you from Boca Raton this morning.

    I have been wondering where those endpaper mitts are….they are in my queue, but probably not until after the holiday knitting is done.

    On my second pair of selbu mittens, I was able to master the two handed two color knitting technique–it feels very natural to me now. Definitely faster.

  2. Thanks for the link to the video. I’ll watch that tonight.
    The hat looks fun and I love the look on your hubby’s face!

  3. Thanks for that video link! I kind of muddled my way to the 2-handed technique…wish I’d seen that video months ago.

    The hat came out really good! You should be proud. And your model looks so very enthoused, hee hee.

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