Thank you sock pal!

August 10, 2007 at 5:18 pm | Posted in knitting, socks, swap | 4 Comments

I came home from work today to find a package in my mailbox! My sockpal, Kat, really did a great job and I’m so pleased! I first have to say that when I opened the mailbox a wonderful soap smell came drifting out! That’s because Kat included a little bar of handmade-in-Michigan coconut lime soap. It was a perfect choice because coconut is my favorite soap/shampoo/lotion scent. Also included was a container of “Michigan made” dried cherries, a postcard and my new beautiful PERFECT for work socks!


I love them!


See Kat, that’s me in the scrubs I wore to work today and they match my new socks perfectly…AND you can see them through my crocs. You did a great job and I’m really happy to meet you! I’m ready for Sockapalooza 5!


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  1. I am SOOO glad that you like them! I tried very hard to find something cheery and happy and that they fit too makes me happy! I totally made up the top part, after following a generic toe up pattern I did six rows of 1×1 ribbing and then a 6/4 picot edging. I DID wash them for you though, just so you wouldn’t feel funny wearing them after I tried them on. I had to see if they were “tall” enough and get some photos for some of those other peeps who were bugging me and didn’t want to wait. It was great making them for you, I really enjoyed it, knowing that you are a nurse and I might make someone smile while you are at work. You are a special soul, you who can be a nurse, you deserve special socks! Oh I’m babbling now (big surprise). OH! OH! They made it in two days too! Hot damn! Ok, I’m going to go slink off and wallow in the glow of your liking them! Peace!

  2. Those are some very cheerful socks! Look like they fit you perfectly, too.

  3. Your sock pal did such a wonderful job and they look so good on you!

  4. Thanks! They DO fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I wore them to work on Monday and they held up very I had several compliments on them.

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