How many days til Christmas?

July 13, 2007 at 8:39 pm | Posted in knitting, knitting podcasts | 3 Comments

I’ve been working very hard on the monkey socks for my “pal” of ooza and have been just dying to post an FO picture of them. I am now 3 repeats away from finishing the foot and finally moving onto the toe. I think the 2 socks are very closely matched and will hopefully make their recipent happy.

While I have been working on the socks I’ve had soooo many ideas swirling in my head for next projects. My WIPs are really down to only 2 active projects (and a few just sitting on the back burner) and once I finish the socks I’ll only have the Clapotis. But, it’s all in preparation for my Christmas Knitting Bonanza. This will be the first Christmas where I really feel like I can make things people might want to receive and I love the idea of giving handmade gifts. Also, my husband and I have had many conversations over the last couple months about how sometimes it feels as though there are some people who have certain “expectations” for what they should be receiving at Christmas time. We both think it’s time to shake up the expectations a little bit and make Christmas more about thought than about amount spent. So, I’m making plans to knit most of the gifts this year, which I’m guessing is a common plan for the newb knitter. So without further ado…..

Ingrid’s Christmas Knitting Bonanza List!
1. Ballband dishcloth sets (of 3) X 6
2. Endpaper Mitts X1
3. Clapotis X1
4. Anemoi Mittens X1
5. Sweater from IK X1
6. Brea Bag X1
7. Socks X2
8. Felted clogs X 3

Hmm…I think I can do it! That’s a lot of knitting but I can’t wait to get started. It’s kind of fun having a list of “to do’s”.

In other knitting news: I know, I know..I’m really late jumping onto the podcast bandwagon. So much so that I almost feel a little silly talking about “Cast-On” since it seems that everyone already listens to Brenda Dayne’s podcast. But I know a few of my knitting friends out there have only just started listening or are planning to, so this is for them. I love this podcast! I’ve listened to 4 episodes up to this point and have about 8 more on my iPod to get through before I download more. I’m working on series 3 for now with plans to listen to the previous two eventually. Brenda, the podcaster, has so many interesting stories and anecdotes about knitting. She also adds lots of variety to the show in the way of playing indie songs, reading essays and stories and including fan submissions for the essays and stories. In fact right now she’s taking submissions for a Campfire Beads themed essay or story, as outlined here on the show’s website. She models the show in the format of a knitting magazine and does a great job of it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not tried this podcast yet. Thanks to those on Ravelry who recommended it.

One last little tidbit..I was very excited to learn about the Orlando Needlework Show! It will be my first knitting related gathering/convention type thingy and it’s not too far from my house. Up to this point I’ve been contemplating how I could manage to check out one of the big fiber shows like Stitches. This might be a good first event. If there are any local knitters who might attend and want to meet up for lunch please let me know!


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  1. I think that people who make gifts by hand have the best chance to reclaim the true spirit of Christmas. Our family got to the point that we don’t even exchange gifts among adults, and just give gifts to the nieces and nephews. Everyone has too much of everything, and no one has time to shop anymore. The whole loud, frenetic mall atmosphere at Christmas is so depressing to me anyway.

    For me, the perfect Christmas would be very close to the Christmas of pioneer days. Everyone making gifts for their loved ones. Gifts that last and have meaning.

  2. I think that’s an awesome list. YOU CAN DO IT! We at the KAL will all feel one anothers’ pain haha. And I agree with the other commenter – I think getting and giving handmade gifts really is a so much more special. Im just hoping the folks who receive them feel the same way!

  3. That’s a big list you have there. I’m just starting to think about mine. I’m sure you can do it though if you set your mind to it.

    Wish I could join you for lunch in Orlando!

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