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June 24, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Posted in knitting, knitting podcasts, socks | 1 Comment

As I said a couple of posts ago, I have just recently discovered knitting podcasts. Actually, it’s podcasts in general that I’ve discovered, but it’s the idea of listening to knitting discussion that drew me to the podcast section of iTunes. When I first popped the word “knitting” into the search bar I was amazed to come up with a listing of 149 podcasts. Not only that, I was even more surprised to find that two of the top three “new and notable” podcasts featured on the site were about knitting. Who knew!?!
As I began to dabble and listen to different people do different topics I was able to narrow down what, in my opinion, makes a really good podcast. What I came up with was that I like a podcast to not only talk about knitting, but have some sort of a topic for conversation to revolve around. And what I didn’t like was when conversation and discussion strayed way off topic. Having listened to about 10 different podcast episodes from various podcasters, I’ve begun to compile a list of favorites which I plan on reviewing here on the blog.

    Top Podcast Picks of the week

Knit Picks – episode #4: Wool from start to finish. The first set of podcast episodes I downloaded were those of Knit Picks. The first few episodes are a nice introductions to Kelley Petkun and Knit Picks. Along with having a very nice voice to listen to, the topics are most always interesting and I really enjoy the book reviews included in each episode. In episode 4, Kelley talks about the characteristics of different types of wool and about how the sheep and where they are raised can help determine uses of the wool they give. She also explains what makes some wool felt and others washable. The discussion was extremely informative and interesting, especially to a fairly new knitter such as myself who is only just beginning to understand a bit about fiber choices.

It’s a Purl Man – episode #37: Brightly Colored. Guido, the Boston knitter of It’s a Purl Man has a pretty popular podcast though I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes so far. I really enjoyed the most recent episode called Brightly Colored. The episode features an informative interview of Kristen Nicholas author of upcoming Kristen Knits and also Getting Stitched on the Farm, a blog I am a frequent visitor to. Kristen is well known for her use of color in embroidery as well as knitting, and the interview was a bit of a glimpse into where she finds her inspiration in color choices. I originally came across her blog as I was trying to find some instruction on how I can make better color choices in my own knitting, so I was pleased to find she was being interviewed on It’s a Purl Man’s podcast.

In other knitting news:
This week I finished Monkey sock number one and just as I was about to cast on for sock #2, my ebay purchase of 2 hanks of Artyarns supermerino in colorway#108 arrived. So, I put down the sock needles and picked up the Clapotis that has been sitting patiently, waiting for me to come back to her again. I started knitting, and examining, and found some stitch errors at the start of the first 3 drop stitch rows, starting about 24 rows ago. So, old Clapotis became 2 balls of yarn and is now just about caught up to where I left off. I had forgotten how nice this yarn is to knit with. Now that I’m nearly caught up, I’m going to try to tear myself away from Clapotis at least long enough to cast on sock #2. I have a little over a month to finish and that should be just enough time for this easily distracted and slow knitter to make Monkey a pair.

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  1. How nice that you found the podcast by Guido w/ my interview. Thanks so much for writing about it.

    Aren’t podcasts the greatest to knit by?

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