Woo hoo, Ravelry!

June 16, 2007 at 8:44 pm | Posted in knitting, knitting podcasts | 3 Comments

I’ve been working as quickly as I can on the monkey socks and have just started the foot section of the first sock. I just love the pattern and can’t wait to make a pair for myself once I’ve completed these. The first ones are set for my Sockpalooza pal so mine will have to wait. I think I must be a pretty slow knitter in comparison to so many of the bloggers I read. It seems they’ve started a sweater and 2 posts later they are modeling the same sweater. I’m lucky if I can get one sock done in 2 weeks time.

I have also recently discovered the wonders of knitting podcasts. My Ipod crapped out a couple months ago but my dear hubby graciously gave up his until I can replace mine. Of course, he’s been jamming out to the stereo in his new car so I don’t think he’s missing his Ipod much. I’ve listened to the podcasts of The Continental and one from It’s a Purl Man and I have 22 more downloaded…seriously, 22! At between 30 and 60 minutes a piece that’s a lot of podcasts to listen to! As I weed through them I’m going to post my favorites here.

Oh, in other knitting news. I was surprised to come home earlier this week to discover I had gotten my invite to the much talked about Ravelry. I haven’t had too much time to play with it yet but oh! the possibilities! What excites me most is how it connects the community within Ravelry. I’ll write about it more once I’ve really had a change to utilize it, but I think it’s an exciting development for knitters on the internet and I wish the creators the best as they work out the kinks. One thing I’d like to say here is I think Jess and Casey deserve our patience and thanks as they work like mad getting Ravelry going for us. What a great job they’ve done so far!


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  1. I’m so with you on the speed of other folks, for the most part – I think it’d take me months to finish a sweater. Partially because I’d probably do other projects in between but geeze, they do all seem to knit really quick don’t they? I think your socks are looking grand!!

  2. I haven’t dove into the world of Podcasts yet.. someday, someday! I’m happy to see you in Ravelry… enjoy! It’s so cool!

    On a different note and in the search of endless knowledge, VISIT MY BLOG, I’ve recently TAGGED you!

  3. Still waiting for my ravelry invite. I’ll check out some of those podcasts too.

    Like the new-look blog too.

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