Birthday Booty

May 22, 2007 at 8:05 pm | Posted in knitting | 8 Comments

This year when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, all I really asked for was a nice dinner out. Well Chris went above and beyond. For dinner we ate at a local fancy shmancy restaurant, Bistro Aix. Then, sweet man that he is, he presented me with this:


He, who doesn’t really understand this whole knitting obsession thing, researched interchangable needles all by himself and found that these came highly recommended. He even sprung for the companion set of extra cords and ends. And picked pink!

The next day we ate dinner with my family, and my nephew and I had our annual joint birthday shindig. My mom really surprise me and gave me this:


It’s so pretty! It’s made by Lantern Moon and is the perfect size for my needles and accessories. My sister made me another 15 stitch markers and now I feel like a seasoned knitter with all of my new knittery stuff.


I’m a lucky girl.

Thanks to all of the people who left comments on my last post. I do feel better knowing it’s not just me who jumps from project to project. I definitely have my knitting moods. Sometimes I want something I don’t have to pay attention to, sometimes I enjoy a challenge. So, in keeping with my current pace of one new WIP per week, last night I started making this (Thanks Vic!):



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  1. Happy Birthday! You are so lucky that your family finds such wonderful knitting gifts for you!

  2. You lucky birthday girl…you have one sweet hubby being that he took the initiative to find something that would make you so happy. Good for you!!!! Happy, happy birthday!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday … and your husband sounds so sweet.

    Such good feelings you communicated via this post.


  4. happy birthday! i can vouch for the denise kit, they’re my go-to needles. i hope you enjoy them and the rest of your needley goodness!

  5. Happy Birthday Ingrid! You’ve obviously got your family well trained!

  6. Happy B-day! Your family is so cool! (The Denise needles are really awesome, you’ll have a lot of fun with those.)

    Love the Lantern Moon needle case — now you’ll just have to go and fill it up with needles, won’t ya?

  7. What a lovely present! Happy birthday!

  8. You will love the Denise needles. Also TSA plane friendly (just in case you travel this summer).
    Looks like you made quite a haul of knitting items. Uh oh…your Lantern Moon needle case isn’t full….this requires more needles! Yeah!

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