Bye Bye Birdies

May 2, 2007 at 9:32 pm | Posted in knitting | 6 Comments

Chris’ family has now come and gone and I have to say, we had a wonderful time. We were treated to my mother-in-law’s authentic Thai cooking all weekend long, a trip to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, and a cookout with both of our families in the same place. We were both extremely sad to see them go but now are anxious for a quiet weekend to ourselves to relax a bit after the last 2 busy weeks. I’m also happy to now have time for some knitting.

Yesterday I started a new project and cast on for my first Calorimetry. The pattern is super easy and is a great project for some mindless relaxing knitting. I love the mitts I’ve been working on but I really wanted to start something that I could just knit and not think too much about. I also had some really nice pink yarn that was given to me by a neighbor I’ve been wanting to knit with. I’m halfway through right now and will have a picture as soon as I’ve woven in my ends.

My sister brought me a little present this weekend:


I put them to use right away and already placed my order for more. These are the first stitch markers she’s made and I think she did a great job with them.

I’m also excited to hear how my KTE treatee enjoyed her treats. I think she should have received them today and I really hope she liked them. It was lots of fun to put together.

In non-knitting news…tonight for the first time I made pasta with pesto sauce from my very own basil!

This is the first time I’ve ever planted anything and what started out as an experiment has turned into another really fun hobby. I know my garden is very small, but it’s enough for now. I have big plans for expansion next year. I planted green peppers, banana peppers, rosemary, basil and cucumbers. The green peppers are just now starting to flower. The cucumbers should be interesting. I tossed them in there at the last minute and they are flourishing, but I’m not sure if they’ll grow any fruit. I’ve since read that they don’t like to be close together but I’m waiting to see how they do.


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  1. Hi Ingrid, just popping by to let you know that I sent your treat package yesterday, I don’t know if it will be there by Saturday, but it’s on the way ;o) I hope you like it! Your Treaters Exchange Pal

  2. I can’t wait!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey there Sock Pal! Your socks are already started and I wanted to let you know I’ll be stalking your website now! I’m really enjoying “getting to know you” a bit. I love Sockapalooza’s!

  4. Don’t know if you’ve seen this already but if not Yu might be interested in this website.
    It’s got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along
    Good if you like to try cooking Thai food at home

  5. oooh, fresh basil. You’ll never be able to go back to non-fresh pesto now. It’s just not the same.

  6. I actually have seen that site before but I don’t remember there being videos. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the link! My mother-in-law is Thai and cooked us the most wonderful food every day she was here visiting. She spent a lot of time teaching me but it’s never as good as what she makes. I did roll a pretty mean eggroll though!

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