Lazy Days

May 29, 2007 at 6:00 pm | Posted in finished objects, knitting | 1 Comment

It was a really lovely Memorial Day weekend and I’m only sad that it went by so quickly. This picture of Lucy summed up our weekend activities.


We pretty much just lounged around and enjoyed the extra time off of work. I did do a little knitting and finished off the Baker Boy Cap.


Let me tell you, Chris and I tried ALL weekend to get a picture of Lucy wearing the cap. Right after I finished it I popped it on her head and she just sat there but the minute Chris moved for the camera the hat went flying and it went downhill from there. When we tried to entice her with a treat she rolled onto her back as if to say “you aren’t coming near me with that hat!”

I also finally ordered some yarn for my Sockapalooza 4 socks. My secret pal was not easy to choose colors for but I think I finally found something that she’ll like. The colors are sort of earthy but still vibrant. I ordered the yarn off Etsy and it will be my very first Etsy purchase. I”ll keep you posted on how it goes and post pics as soon as it arrives. I can’t wait to get the socks started.


Birthday Booty

May 22, 2007 at 8:05 pm | Posted in knitting | 8 Comments

This year when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, all I really asked for was a nice dinner out. Well Chris went above and beyond. For dinner we ate at a local fancy shmancy restaurant, Bistro Aix. Then, sweet man that he is, he presented me with this:


He, who doesn’t really understand this whole knitting obsession thing, researched interchangable needles all by himself and found that these came highly recommended. He even sprung for the companion set of extra cords and ends. And picked pink!

The next day we ate dinner with my family, and my nephew and I had our annual joint birthday shindig. My mom really surprise me and gave me this:


It’s so pretty! It’s made by Lantern Moon and is the perfect size for my needles and accessories. My sister made me another 15 stitch markers and now I feel like a seasoned knitter with all of my new knittery stuff.


I’m a lucky girl.

Thanks to all of the people who left comments on my last post. I do feel better knowing it’s not just me who jumps from project to project. I definitely have my knitting moods. Sometimes I want something I don’t have to pay attention to, sometimes I enjoy a challenge. So, in keeping with my current pace of one new WIP per week, last night I started making this (Thanks Vic!):


WIP Queen

May 17, 2007 at 8:20 pm | Posted in knitting | 6 Comments

I hereby from this moment forth crown myself WIP queen. There is just TOO much great stuff out there to knit and I find myself having trouble staying focused on one item long enough to finish it before moving onto the next item. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost interest in any one thing, more like temporarily redirected it. After working several hours on the Endpaper Mitts, I wanted something easy and quick to knit so I pulled out an old skein of yarn and made a Calorimetry in one sitting.


Then I received my KTE treats in the mail and quickly decided I would use my gifted Artyarn Supermerino in color #108 to start my first (and surely not last) Clapotis.


I quickly plowed through both hanks of yarn and finally made it to the part in the pattern where I could intentionally drop stitches…


And then I ran out of yarn. So now I’m headed back to the Endpaper Mitts. I also have yarn ready for the start of my Anemoi Mittens which will be my next colorwork project.

BUT, hope for my beloved Clapotis is not lost. I was gifted a Visa Gift card for my birthday (yay!) and will be spending it on more Artyarn and also the yarn for my Sockapalooza Monkey Socks. And THEN I will hopefully make it back to the cat afghan, baby daisy sweater, second striped sock and the felted clog slippers. Maybe I’ll eventually graduate to FO Queen.

Off the topic of knitting and on to the topic of movies. Chris and I rented Pan’s Labyrinth last night and although it’s hard to explain why, I can’t stop thinking about that movie. It’s haunting, beautiful, violent, difficult to watch but even harder to look away and is one of those movies that lingers on your brain. I want to say I loved it, but only those who see it will understand why I can’t. If you aren’t opposed to watching an adult movie with English subtitles (it’s a Spanish film) and aren’t too squeamish, I recommend it highly. It’s R-rated for violence so please don’t watch it with the kids. If you do or have seen it, I’d love to hear what you thought of it so please drop me a comment.
If you’re interested, here are some links:
Pan’s Labyrinth official website
Rotten Tomatoes reviews

I’ve been tagged..X 2!

May 15, 2007 at 6:34 pm | Posted in knitting | 6 Comments

Wow, I had never been tagged before and today I’ve been tagged twice! Ellie and Daily Stitches want me to list

    8 Random things about me.

    1. I played the violin for 9 years from elementary to high school and just last year passed my violin on to a little 3rd grader who was graduating to her first “full size” violin.

    2. My first wedding anniversary is June 29th! The paper anniversary! Is there a yarn anniversary?

    3. My husband and I took a delayed honeymoon in November and went to Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris, and then on day 4 we flew to Ireland and drove around all by ourselves for 10 whole days.

    4. I recently bought Battlestar Gallactica season one on DVD because I was looking for a new series to get into and I had heard it was good..and I really really love it!

    5. My husband just taught our dog Lucy to roll over on command but she will only do it on his command. She just stares at me when I say it.

    6. I wanted Yau-man Chan to win Survivor.

    7. I am hoping that by this time next year I will be knitting baby clothes that are not for someone else’s child.

    8. My 36th birthday is this Saturday and I am having a joint birthday party with my nearly 12 year old nephew because his birthday is on Thursday. I still remember ringing in my 27th birthday by blowing out candles on an Elmo cake when my nephew turned 3. I think this year it might be Pokeman.

    I am tagging…
    Caffeinated Knitter
    Yellow House Treasures
    Vic’s Knits
    Nelda the Knitting Nurse
    M’s Musings
    and Valerie at My Little Piece of the Net

Monkey see, monkey do.

May 10, 2007 at 5:48 pm | Posted in finished objects, knitting | 4 Comments

Now that the Knitters Treat Exchange is over, it’s time to turn my attention over to Sockapalooza 4. I’ve been scouting out patterns but really like Monkey from Knitty. The pattern is really nice and I think it would work well with some colorful sock yarn. This weekend I’m going to hit up my LYS for some yarn and get started on it.

I finished my Calorimetry and it came out pretty good. I did have to modify the pattern a bit and reduced the CO to 100 stitches vs. the 120 that the pattern calls for. When I cast on 120 stitches it was getting huge and would have been very loose on my head. Reducing the number of stitches did the trick. I forgot to have hubby take a picture of it last night so I’ll try to remember tonight. I’m happy to have another FO even though it’s such a quick knit it seems like it shouldn’t count. I seem to have stalled a bit on a few of my projects and it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to add to my FO gallery.

I also started another new project. The yarn that Nelda sent is the first supermerino I’ve ever used and it is absolutely dreamy to knit with. I decided that it would be perfect for my first shawl, Clapotis. I just love this pattern to pieces. Unfortunately, I’ve already frogged my progress 3 times and am about to do it a 4th time because I’ve somehow missed a stitch. I was paying too much attention to Lost last night and realized my numbers were off, so back to the drawing board I go.


May 4, 2007 at 7:35 pm | Posted in knitting, swap | 1 Comment

After a long day at work and a near death experience in my hour-long exercise class, I came home to find a package on my doorstep! It was my Knitter’s Treat Exchange package from Nelda the Knitting Nurse! The best word I can use to describe my treats is yummy!

My treater had me pegged perfectly when she chose Tropical Passion Fruit body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works.

She knew exactly what she was doing when she picked chocolate for chocolaholic me.

And she must have read my mind when she chose Artyarns Handpainted Supermerino in these luscious pinks, purples and blues.

Also included were my absolute favorite knitting magazine, Interweave Knits, a very cute stationary set with picture frames, and two Aqua Lime soaps that smell SO good. I don’t think I’ll be able to save any of those chocolates until my husband gets home. They are calling to me.

Thanks SO much Nelda. My KTE package was the perfect ending to a long, rough week.

Bye Bye Birdies

May 2, 2007 at 9:32 pm | Posted in knitting | 6 Comments

Chris’ family has now come and gone and I have to say, we had a wonderful time. We were treated to my mother-in-law’s authentic Thai cooking all weekend long, a trip to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, and a cookout with both of our families in the same place. We were both extremely sad to see them go but now are anxious for a quiet weekend to ourselves to relax a bit after the last 2 busy weeks. I’m also happy to now have time for some knitting.

Yesterday I started a new project and cast on for my first Calorimetry. The pattern is super easy and is a great project for some mindless relaxing knitting. I love the mitts I’ve been working on but I really wanted to start something that I could just knit and not think too much about. I also had some really nice pink yarn that was given to me by a neighbor I’ve been wanting to knit with. I’m halfway through right now and will have a picture as soon as I’ve woven in my ends.

My sister brought me a little present this weekend:


I put them to use right away and already placed my order for more. These are the first stitch markers she’s made and I think she did a great job with them.

I’m also excited to hear how my KTE treatee enjoyed her treats. I think she should have received them today and I really hope she liked them. It was lots of fun to put together.

In non-knitting news…tonight for the first time I made pasta with pesto sauce from my very own basil!

This is the first time I’ve ever planted anything and what started out as an experiment has turned into another really fun hobby. I know my garden is very small, but it’s enough for now. I have big plans for expansion next year. I planted green peppers, banana peppers, rosemary, basil and cucumbers. The green peppers are just now starting to flower. The cucumbers should be interesting. I tossed them in there at the last minute and they are flourishing, but I’m not sure if they’ll grow any fruit. I’ve since read that they don’t like to be close together but I’m waiting to see how they do.

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