April 25, 2007 at 11:01 am | Posted in knitting | 3 Comments

The endpaper mitts continue to look more like mitts than just a tube but I haven’t been able to spend much time on them the last several days. Floridians will understand the phenomenon that happens when the weather is just moving into the warmer temperatures. In April the humidity is low and it’s sunny and warm every day, but it’s not hot enough to feel like the inside of your GE oven. Suddenly there is an influx of visitors from the north hoping to get an early taste of summer weather.

This past weekend my husband’s friend from the military came in by bus to spend the weekend. I must admit I was dreading the visit a bit because this visitor was someone I had never met, but it turned out to be a fun weekend with the men hanging out at home while I went shopping and finished putting together my KTE package. I’ll be popping it in the mail today for sure. I hope my treatee likes it, I’m a little nervous about it.

So anyway, Ed, the military friend, left on Sunday and now Chris and I are both off today to re-prepare the house and guest room for his parents and niece who arrive from Tacoma, WA tomorrow. They’ll be staying until Monday and I’m really excited for this visit. We haven’t seen his parents since Chris proposed on our Thanksgiving vacation in Washington 2 years ago. We’re also looking forward to seeing his..oops, now “our” niece, Chyna who suddenly went from 10 year old cutie to 12 year old preteen seemingly overnight. We are known as the “cool” aunt and uncle and there’s a lot of pressure to upholding that title. This weekend should be fun and I’m hoping to squeeze in a little knitting somewhere.


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  1. Our family snowbird (MIL) will be returning from Deerfield Beach in a few days. A few years back, I was doing a lot of work at the Boca Resort and some hotels down in Lauderdale. FL in the summer was just too hot for me, I don’t think I could live there year round.

  2. Oh I wish I was in Florida right now! I love it there.

  3. Oh yes, I remember the snowbirds when I lived in FL. It was so funny sitting on the beach in Dec. with my family who was from up north. I’d be wearing a sweater and they would be swimming in the (what I then thought, cold) ocean. Funny how our bodies adapt to things.

    I hope your visit with your family goes well — sounds like it’ll be really fun!

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