Me-1, Tubular Cast On-0

April 17, 2007 at 8:32 pm | Posted in knitting | 1 Comment

HA! Mr. Italian Tubular Cast On you can’t beat me down! I got you now! I think I frogged the first two rows of the Endpaper Mitts about 97 times over 2 nights but no more! I am now not only past the first 3 rows, I’m past the ribbing and into the colorwork. The only problem right now is that my stranding is SOOO slow! I am trying to figure out how best to hold the yarn and needles so that I’m not putting down each color and picking up the next one with each stitch. I’ve never taught myself English style knitting or “throwing” and have adapted a sort of continental style. I can’t really wrap my brain around holding the yarn with two hands. I’m still working it out and know I’ll get it. I just can’t wait to see the pattern start to emerge. I’ll post a picture in a day or two once I have a few more rows under my belt.

In other news, I got an email from my Treat Exchange Treater and am so excited! I’m having a lot of fun putting together the package for my treatee as well. The exchanges are great fun and even better, what a great way to meet more knitters. I also just joined Sockapalooza 4 with over 800 other knitters. Can you imagine organizing that? I think I’ve already settled on a sock pattern and am anxiously waiting for my match email.

I was also reading Get Stitchy today and came across this pattern which I think will become another new project very soon (in addition to my 3 other WIPS),

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  1. I’m so proud of you!
    OK, now I know who to turn to when I attempt this cast on for the first time. I’ve only ever done a long tail cast on, I think it’s time for me to stretch a bit and learn this one.
    Can’t wait to see your pictures.
    There is some sort of little finger thing you can buy to hold the two strands of working yarn, I think it allows you to do two colors without knitting with both hands.

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