April 10, 2007 at 9:10 pm | Posted in knitting | 5 Comments

All day today I kept thinking about how nice it would be to come home from work, prop up my feet, and finally finish the striped sock I’ve been working on at a snail’s pace. Unfortunately, there could be no knitting for me tonight. Tomorrow at work is “Birthdays”. Once a month we have a little birthday party for all of the people who celebrate that month. Two people host the party each month, and this month I am one of the lucky hostesses. Let me tell you, this year I must admit, I was excited about having gotten April as our month. The theme I’ve been planning for several months is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, clever, I know. We’re hanging an umbrella (somehow) from the ceiling, over the table where the food will sit and white/clear streamers will be attached to the umbrella (somehow) to look like rain. Then the idea is that the table will be blooming with flowery/colorful picnicky creations.
So I came home from work (oh, about 5 hours ago now) and have only just NOW finished the centerpiece of our tablescape…


They are baked by me, frosted by me and flowered by me and I swear from this moment forward every cupcake I use/eat/give for the rest of my days will be store bought. Why did it take so long? Well, more than one 12 cup muffin pan would have been helpful, I got wayyy too into mixing frosting colors, and I probably could have done without individually cut marshmallow flower petals.

In between batches, for sweet item #2, I thought I would make some nice, colorful rice crispy treats. The melted marshmallow mixture was a lovely shade of pink when I took it off the stove…but by the time I added the crispies….


It had mutated to more of a flesh color. That batch only made about 15 treats (and I must say, they are yummy) so I thought to myself “Hmm..I could make another batch!” This time, since the pink didn’t turn out quite as bright as I hoped, I thought I would try a darker color. The marshmallow in the second batch was a deep ocean blue. Ocean blue that is until I added the crispies…..(do not adjust your monitor)..


Umm..yeah, I’m not quite sure what color that is either. Think I can somehow dress it up with M&M’s? Would you be sad if you got this at your birthday party?

Now I have to clean the kitchen and dream of tomorrow when I can back to finishing this….



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  1. Sorry, the second batch of crispies look like something you might eat at the Munster’s. Gorgeous cupckes.

  2. I don’t think the gray krispies treats can be saved.

    I do love the cupcakes, though!

  3. The cupcakes look marvelous! I wonder if there is some weird dye in the Krispies that interacts with bright colors???

  4. i think it all looks fabulous, and i would be really pleased to receive these at my birthday!

  5. LOL I couldn’t help but laugh at your question about the blueish greenish gray Rice Crispy Treats.. I think they’d be best enjoyed by more understanding folks (family or friends?) – and yes.. I feel your pain with the hand cut marshmallow petals. I tend to go overboard making treats for work myself and when I’m finishing up at 11pm and have done little else.. I realize that I should buy the next ones. But never do! 🙂

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