A temporary Knit-out

March 26, 2007 at 3:09 pm | Posted in knitting, socks | 4 Comments

This weekend we spent mostly busy with yardwork. The annual “Get your yard looking nice by April or else” letter was distributed throughout our subdivision and let me tell you, our homeowner’s association means business. So, we heeded the warning and tended to our grass which was neglected over the winter. Luckily the weather was beautiful, sunny and in the mid-eighties. You know spring is here when you walk out the front door and see these critters out..


Although we were busy, I did get a bit of knitting in.



This is both the front and back of the first square of the afghan. You can see where I accidently miscounted the stitches right around the cats cheek. But overall I think it came out not too bad. The back still needs woven but you can see how I kind of improvised and used both intarsia and a little bit of stranded knitting. If there is a better way you can see of me doing this, please let me know. I think it would look better on the back side without any stranding at all, but one of the squares has a tiger striped cat head with lots of color swapping in each row, so it seems like in that case stranded would still be the better choice. Am I correct in thinking that or should I just use intarsia throughout?

I also got a little more work on the socks done.

I just love those stripes!

Now for the baby sweater..


It’s coming along. I was excited to start the part where you shape the sweater, but with a last glance at the pattern I realized I still had another inch and a half of straight stockinette stitch to go before I could move on. I love the little seed stitch trim, but must admit I am not a huge fan of the colors. I know they are good baby colors, but it’s a little pastel overdose for my liking. The yarn was a scrap skein I had laying around and the point of the sweater is mostly just to learn how to do it. I can’t wait to watch it take shape.

Sadly, I did not make it to the Knit-In this past Friday at my LYS. I really did plan on going but I talked myself right back out of it before the day was over. However, the comments I received have given me new resolve and motivation. Because I am the shy girl that I am, and I have a tendancy to overthink and overplan things…I now have a plan for this Friday. My yarn should be arriving from Knitpicks this week along with the needed needles for the Endpaper Mitts. I am going to take those to the knit-in as my project and that way I’ll also arrive armed with lots of questions to ask the veteran knitters. I even have my opening line ready to go, “Hi, do you all mind if I join you?” It’s not exactly creative but it should indicate that I would like to sit in the circle with them so hopefully someone gets a cue and makes some room. (It can be a little crowded in that store.) So I have a project, I have an opening line, I’ll have questions..I think I’m ready to go. This week I am going to follow the advice of my friend from Daily Stitches and in the words of Elizabeth Zimmerman, “Knit on with confidence”.


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  1. Think of me as just another member of the shy girl sisterhood. At nearly 50, I am finally getting over it, so there is hope for all of us. Try to get there early so that you don’t have to nudge your way into too big a group. If the store owner is wise, she will make sure they embrace you–it’s a good way to captivate new customers, by making them feel part of the group!

  2. i love the socks, they look fab.

  3. The cat is so cute! (And, of course, I love the geckos/lizards!)


  4. Good luck when you head to your shop 🙂 I haven’t yet found the courage to head to a knit night at any of my LYS either, but it definitely sounds like you have a plan! Do post how it goes!

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