Habla Knitting?

March 17, 2007 at 10:55 pm | Posted in knitting | 2 Comments

How can I get better? That is the question I ask myself daily as I continue to teach myself new techniques or stitches. Just when I think I have the basics down, I come across another technique I need to know. It’s kind of like learning the words of another language but not really being able to string them together in one sentance. Eventually you learn enough to make simple sentances but can’t quite get your point across to make a conversation. I mean, I know how to say french fries and hamburger in Spanish, but I don’t think I could really express how much I enjoy eating them or order them in a restaurant. I want so badly to know how to fill in the spaces with my knitting, but am not quite sure how or in what order I should be learning things. It frustrates me sometimes. However, at the same time I have learned SO much from other bloggers. I really love the knit-blog community and am so anxious to really become a part of it. Thanks to those who have posted here, and thanks to those who share so much on their own blogs. This newbie appreciates all of your help, knowledge and inspiration.
Since finishing the Brea Bag (minus the strap still) I have been tinkering with the Hedera socks. Actually, I think I’ve decided to hold off until I have a nice solid color of sock yarn to make them so that you can better see the lace pattern. With the yarn I was using, the pattern was getting lost in the multicolors. I ripped the Hedera sock out and am now trying to adapt a plainer pattern. I have only just cast on my 64 stitches and done one round on my size 2 DPN’s so I’ll let you know how they are coming along when I have a little more to show.
In other knitting news, we hit Borders today to use up a 25% off coupon. I headed straight to the crafts shelves, made myself comfortable on the floor and paged through every knitting book they had. I finally settled on this..


I enjoy reading her blog and this book has a lot of practical information in it as well, so I thought it was a good choice. I’m hoping it will tell me how I can better adapt that sock pattern.


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  1. Hang in there.. it sounds like you are doing fine. Personally, I usually learn something new on a regular basis since I began knitting. There are a varietly of websites and books that can help you along. People swear by any books by Zimmerman…. knittinghelp.com is an awesome resource as well. Feel free to ask me for help anytime, if I can’t help you, I may be able to direct you in the right direction. šŸ™‚

  2. Relax, you’re doing fine. Your instincts are good–a lace design can often get lost in a multicolor design, go for a subtle color variation at best if your pattern is intricate.
    There is a book called the Sweater Workshop that has a cute little sampler thingie in it, the book itself is like Zimmerman, but the directions are more complete. Give it a look on Amazon. The orther is Jacqeline or Jackie something.

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