The Brea is in the bag

March 15, 2007 at 7:50 pm | Posted in bags, finished objects, knitting | 4 Comments

The buttons are in place, the last thread is woven. I officially have another FO of 2007.


I ran into a few snags (excuse the pun) as I was finishing the Brea. For one, the pattern didn’t really tell you how best to sew the bag pieces together. I am sure this isn’t a problem for most, but for a novice like me, it took a few tries to decide what might work. I did the single crochet border along the top edges of the front and back pieces but I think the next time I might go all the way around to get the nice border the crocheted edge gave it. Instead, I ended up crotcheting all of the pieces together with the single crochet and while I liked the look, it made stiff seams all the way around so the bag hangs a bit awkward. I’ve been debating washing the bag and trying to reshape it by stuffing the center. I put the D-rings in for the straps but I haven’t picked them out yet. I was thinking of hitting the thrift stores this weekend to see if I can repurpose some from another brown bag. The Brea Bag was a really fun knit and I think even though there are many mistakes, it doesn’t look too bad for my first attempt. I am sure I’ll make it again soon.


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  1. It turned out great. This definitely looks way beyond what I would call a Beginner Project!

  2. Hi, you did a lovely job, most first efforts seem to be a simple garter or stocking stitch shoulder bag/purse – so well done. Once yours is filled with your “stuff” I’m sure it’ll settle into the shape you want. Hope you keep bag making….there’s so much choice, and you can never have too many ….

  3. Love how your bag turned out. How long did it take to complete?

  4. I think it took about 2 weeks but that includes running out of yarn in the middle. It comes together really quickly.

    Thanks a bunch for the nice compliments.

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