Brea on the block

March 13, 2007 at 5:52 pm | Posted in bags, knitting | 2 Comments

When I first started working on the Brea bag I searched all over knit blog land for tips on how to line the bag, or even just pictures of the finished product. On many of the sites people complained of the moss stitch gusset, but it wasn’t until the last few inches of my own that I could feel their pain. The moss stitch is easy..k1,p1 X2 rows, p1,k1 X2 rows, rinse, repeat. Something about it just makes it seem to drag on and on, much like an i-cord can drag. Really though, as projects go this is a piece of cake to finish. The gusset is done, I picked up my decorative button this weekend and the front and back pieces are blocking. Off the needles the main pieces are a little smaller than I thought they would be but I’m doing my best to stretch them out.

The Hedera socks remain on the needles but have been waiting for me to pick them back up. We finally made the trip to Lowes where I was hoping to pick up paint for the bedroom. But in our usual, easily distracted fashion, we came home with wood and plants and dirt instead. The weather was beautiful this weekend, high 70’s or low 80’s, sunny and breezy. We just couldn’t get motivated to paint inside all weekend so instead Chris fashioned me a little 3’X3′ raised planter box where I am now cultivating 2 green pepper plants, rosemary and 2 sweet basil plants. This weekend I’ll put in my last 4 plants consisting of banana peppers, cilantro and culantro. I’m even thinking of doing some tomato pots and cucumbers! Who knew I could grow stuff ?!?

Oh, and speaking of knitting again…I have decided my next knitting technique is going to be fair isle/stranded knitting. I am really eyeballing Eunny Jang’s Anemoi mittens pattern but I’m worried it might be a little too challenging for me. I have no idea how to read a chart, but I am willing to learn. I’ve been searching around for a couple of good colorwork patterns but I haven’t decided on one yet. If you have a suggestion, please pass it my way.


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  1. Try Nanette’s site: she has a good little self published book on stranded color knitting, and if you can navigate to her flickr galleries, she has knitted a ton of gorgeous colorwork mittens in her day.

  2. Here’s another good colorwork reference:

    scroll down past the circular knitting part.

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