Booga No. 1

February 19, 2007 at 9:38 pm | Posted in bags, finished objects, knitting | 3 Comments

Although I really started out with scarves, in Florida it’s difficult to find a use for them.  My saving grace was a co-worker who got married a month ago and moved to Boston.   As a collective goodbye gift, the rest of my co-workers and I put together a “Keep Warm”basket and filled it with items the newlywed might need during a frigid winter in New England. Along with the packages of hot cocoa, gloves, ice scraper and thermos found in the basket, she received not one, not two but three scarves handmade by me, and also my very first try at a hat.  The hat was really better suited to a small child as I discovered the hard way how important it is to understand a little about gauge.  Moving on from hats, the owner of my LYS suggested I try my hand at a Booga Bag.   I love this pattern and it was a really great, easy first felting project.

Booga Bag

The next time I try this pattern I’ve got plans to choose some brighter colors, and I’m going to finish the top few inches with a novelty yarn of some sort added in.  


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  1. Nice booga, I love the colors. My booga bag was in colors too bright for winter. It feels more like summer colors, but I really don’t like carrying a wool bag in the summer. It is a fun project though!

  2. I think your Booga Bag colours are great – what yarn did you use?

  3. Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, I made this bag before I had a blog, and before I realized people like to ask what yarn you use. It was 2 skeins of Lion’s Brand wool. One was the grey you see along the bottom, the other was that multicolored yarn whose color name escapes me. Sorry about that. I have since started saving the wrappers.

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