Jumping In

February 18, 2007 at 12:06 am | Posted in knitting | 3 Comments

And so here I go…jumping into the knitting blog world with 2 feet, or 2 sticks rather.   I really only started knitting about 2 months ago.  My husband and I are working different schedules right now which leaves me with several hours alone each day trying to find something new to keep myself occupied.   I really came up with knitting out of the blue.  I had an old set of needles I had somehow acquired and some yarn from my days of crocheting.  I came across the website www.knittinghelp.com and the next thing I knew I was on my way to completing my first scarf. 

It’s been an overwhelming road to the point I’m at now.  When you first start knitting all you really know is what yarn colors you like and how to knit and purl.  Patterns were scary!   My husband saw that this might be more than a passing fancy and bought me a $100 gift card to Michaels.  I spent it pretty quick and bought yarn and needles I thought I would need.  Once I finally decided to try a basic hat pattern I realized you had to match the needles to the pattern and not the other way around.  So, I made a few scarves and hats, with and without patterns and finally decided I was ready to tackle a real live LYS (that’s local yarn store for you noobs).  That was just 3 weeks ago now here I am..starting my blog and getting ready to post my first FO’s of 2007.  


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  1. Welcome to knitting. And welcome to blogging, too. The best thing about taking up knitting now is that there is so much help available online. There’s no barrier to learning new techniques.

  2. Hi!

    I’m also a new knitter and start my own knitting blog a few weeks ago. Knitting Help has been a useful website for me too, and it’s also a good job that I still live at home, so I can ask my Mum for help when it all goes horribly wrong – as it seems to on frequent occasions!

    Thanks for explaining what ‘LYS’ is too – I kept seeing it written in other blogs but didn’t know!

  3. Welcome to to the world of knitting! I hope you get as much satisfaction from it as I do!

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