Twisted socks are now a pair!

February 28, 2007 at 11:04 pm | Posted in finished objects, knitting, socks | 2 Comments

I finally finished the socks on Sunday night and they made their debut at work on Monday morning. I’m pretty pleased with the way they came out although I do have one little hole on ankle of one of the socks where I didn’t pick up a stitch. The yarn was really fun and easy to work with with because it’s stretchy and worked up quickly. I also really like the colors because they show through the holes of my crocs. Aside from being the most comfortable work shoes I’ve had, crocs are great because I love multicolored socks with my scrubs.


My next project is going to be the Brea Bag, although I’ve loaned my mother my size 10 needles. I taught her to knit and now she’s about 6 inches into her first scarf. Unfortunately, she has my favorite needles and isn’t giving them back anytime soon. I’m going to be making a Michael’s run this weekend to replace them I think. I did start the bag on my size 9’s but they are short needles and I wasn’t able to cast on all 126 stitches with 2 strands and have them fit. So, the bag will have to wait a few days.

Tonight I cast on the first stitches for my next pair of socks. I’m making a pair of Cozy Knit Socks from a pattern I found in my Maran Illustrated Knitting and Crocheting book. I got the book from my mother for Christmas and have gotten some good help from it. It’s extremely well illustrated and has been a good reference for a new knitter. I like the socks because they have a lace pattern on the top of the foot, but the fit in the picture looks a little loose so it’ll be interesting to see how they shape up.

Also, to anyone who reads this, thanks for stopping by! Please leave me a message to let me know you’ve been here. I’m happy to have had you visit!


I love mail!

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I got my much anticipated Fiber Trends clog pattern in the mail.   I had checked both of my local yarn stores and neither had this pattern in stock.  I finally found a nice deal online and it just arrived!


I’m going to do my first clogs in 2 colors with the bumper on the sole.  What I would love to do is some kind of felted embellishment on the top but I’ll have to research it a little bit.  I believe it was on the forums where I saw a picture of a pair where a girl did a great butterfly embellishment to the top.

Another pattern on the horizon I’m super excited to dig into is the Berroco Brea Bag….SO CUTE!!


I picked up a skein of Nature Spun  worsted weight in Saddle Tan and have my pattern all ready to go.  I’m just determined to finish off my socks.  Tonight I finished the heal and am about to work down the foot of sock #2.  My goal is to finish them tomorrow night and wear them to work on Thursday.

1.5 Socks

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From the Booga Bag I moved onto socks. I made one toe-up sock (that’s one, not one pair) from another free pattern I found online with lots of assistance from my cousin Karen.  I just LOVE knitting socks and am currently working on a pair of Twisted Knee Socks modified to ankle socks for Florida.


They are made from Cascade Fixation on size 4 DPN’s and I can’t wait to wear them. They came from this book


I’m really not very well versed in the different types of yarn yet nor do I have what I would call a large stash….yet.  What I DO have is lots of random balls of worsted weight yarn leftover from my crochet days.   This book is perfect for knitting from your stash.  It has a huge selection and the patterns are very easy to follow (this from someone who’s only knitted from a pattern about 4 times total).

Booga No. 1

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Although I really started out with scarves, in Florida it’s difficult to find a use for them.  My saving grace was a co-worker who got married a month ago and moved to Boston.   As a collective goodbye gift, the rest of my co-workers and I put together a “Keep Warm”basket and filled it with items the newlywed might need during a frigid winter in New England. Along with the packages of hot cocoa, gloves, ice scraper and thermos found in the basket, she received not one, not two but three scarves handmade by me, and also my very first try at a hat.  The hat was really better suited to a small child as I discovered the hard way how important it is to understand a little about gauge.  Moving on from hats, the owner of my LYS suggested I try my hand at a Booga Bag.   I love this pattern and it was a really great, easy first felting project.

Booga Bag

The next time I try this pattern I’ve got plans to choose some brighter colors, and I’m going to finish the top few inches with a novelty yarn of some sort added in.  

Jumping In

February 18, 2007 at 12:06 am | Posted in knitting | 3 Comments

And so here I go…jumping into the knitting blog world with 2 feet, or 2 sticks rather.   I really only started knitting about 2 months ago.  My husband and I are working different schedules right now which leaves me with several hours alone each day trying to find something new to keep myself occupied.   I really came up with knitting out of the blue.  I had an old set of needles I had somehow acquired and some yarn from my days of crocheting.  I came across the website and the next thing I knew I was on my way to completing my first scarf. 

It’s been an overwhelming road to the point I’m at now.  When you first start knitting all you really know is what yarn colors you like and how to knit and purl.  Patterns were scary!   My husband saw that this might be more than a passing fancy and bought me a $100 gift card to Michaels.  I spent it pretty quick and bought yarn and needles I thought I would need.  Once I finally decided to try a basic hat pattern I realized you had to match the needles to the pattern and not the other way around.  So, I made a few scarves and hats, with and without patterns and finally decided I was ready to tackle a real live LYS (that’s local yarn store for you noobs).  That was just 3 weeks ago now here I am..starting my blog and getting ready to post my first FO’s of 2007.  

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